Self playing Mini Chess with different control rules and boards.

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AuthorNull Tale
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Tagsai, artificial-intelligence, Board Game, Chess, minichess, Pixel Art, Sandbox, Turn-based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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No, You are cool!)


card control is completely unfair at times

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just like life sometimes!


it happens nearly all the time though


Really aesthetically pleasing design for a chess game in both visuals and sounds!


I think some boards are a bit unbalanced depending on whether or not you go first due to zugzwang potential. But I could be wrong as I'm not some pro. There also doesn't seem to be much difference between CPU difficulties as games seem to play out similarly if you make the same moves. But yet it's kinda fun overall anyway. Maybe because games aren't too long so you can experiment a bunch without worry of a lot of effort lost. Sort of like something to play around in and just zen.

Stalemate not existing didn't make sense to me given the tightness of the boards and how many setups can lead to everything being stuck, until I unlocked and tried the other play mode types. Then it made sense because even just king VS king could end up coming down to luck of the draw since they can be next to each other waiting for a winning move to come up. There's also no threefold repetition which also is likely due to the extra modes. But you can end up getting into basically infinite loops until you purposefully move your king where it can be taken to just try again. I mean if a game would otherwise be a infinite draw due to piece shuffling, you may as well just chalk it up to a draw in your mind and throw the game to move on, lol! "Sometimes" in such scenarios you can win by trading down to break out of lock and waiting for the AI to flub, but it's seemingly random if/when it happens and sort of rare. So it'll be up to the player to try and see if it'll work out or not.


hey, is there anyway to contact you? email etc? business related thanks


Well I do say, what fun! I have been absolutely obsessed with chess ever since that dastardly enthralling series on the Netflix! What Series, you may ask? Why Queen's gambit of course!. I can't believe they made a whole game based on the series, such innovation and I have never such elegance displayed on the Tele in over a month! 

Desperate to quench my thirst for this newfound passion of mine, led me here to this wonderful cute little game. It's proper fun for a young lad like me, to delve into this interactive pixelated experience based on the hit series. I downloaded this game and had a absolute blast with it. I tried recreating moves from series, but the dastardly AI does not seem to cooperate... 

No matter! Clearly I do not have the neccesary pharmaceutical substances to fully recreate the scenes. I do reccomend playing this game however, give it a go most preferably while knackered. 

Kind Regards,



very fun


its pretty cool, can u share the source?