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Pixelation post effect for Unity Urp ⬜ ▪ ◻
Controlled via volume profile, works as a render feature ⚪

  • various grid types
  • posterization
  • configurable interpolation

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Part of Artwork Project

All effects can work individually or as a part of VolFx

Updated 19 days ago
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AuthorNull Tale
Tags2D, 3D, Effects, fx, gamedev, Pixel Art, Retro, Royalty Free, Shaders, Unity
Code licenseMIT License


Pixelation.unitypackage 457 kB


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Deleted 62 days ago
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не понял нифига!!


So good.

What is the minimum required Unity version for this asset? I imported it into my 2020.3 URP Test project and opened the demo scene (Samples/Pixelation), but it doesn't seem to work. I noticed that the Forward Renderer Data in my project doesn't include the Post-processing field, as indicated in the asset's Readme file. I suspect that this might be the cause of the issue.  


All packages was made with Unity 2022(“com.unity.render-pipelines.universal”: “14.0.6”) and tested in WebGl. like this ~~