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VolFx is a selective post-processing with buffer system
designed for visual effect creation ✨

Work with Unity Urp, can be used in combination with PostArt and ScreenFx

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  • Custom passes - expandable, has minimal set of custom effects and generic blit feature
  • Targeting post processing - can be applied to scene objects by layer mask
  • Volume control - all build in effects controlled via volume profile and linked to a layer mask, so scene processing can be easily made dynamic
  • Buffer system - can render object to a buffer texture to provide additional textures(like light maps, pattern animations, height etc) then process and use them later through a shader
  • Configurable pipeline - each effect can be reordered and configured depending on the application
  • Part of Artwork project - all effects from PostArt projects can be added as passes to VolFx without cluttering RenderFeature's list

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Visual novel example, post processing applied to scene objects by LayerMask to blur the background and fade character sprite
Thus you can make the appearance effect or apply graphical changes separately to scene objects

There is an example of light texture post processing generated by GiLight2D
Volume control allows to tweak texture at runtime to achieve desired light visualization

Sequence of effects applied to a 3D object

Can have may instances, order of post effects can be configured as their options

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Package Contains only base effects, other one can be implemented using Guideline or downloaded from PostArt Project

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Some known projects using VolFx


VolFx.unitypackage 13 MB


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Hello! I created a fallout style notepad using this asset. I added you in the credits! Thank you for these resources, they are being useful to me in the creation of my projects. <3
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